I’m Claudia, a writer and artist.

what do I write?

I write poetry and middle-grade fiction; partly of the realistic kind, mostly of the magical kind.

what’s my art?

I paint with alcohol inks and watercolours. I’ve realized recently that I paint places I want to be — it usually isn’t until I’m finished a painting that I sit back and think, hmmmmm … I’d like to be there. And “there” is usually out in nature, surrounded by rocks and trees and stars.

what else is there to know?

I love reading, writing, painting, knitting, and above all camping. I keep telling people that one of these days I’m going to sell everything and live on the road in a VW van. Just you wait and see!

I was born in Austria, but live in Toronto, Canada with my husband, two loving doggos, and an aquarium full of darling little water creatures. I’ve got three adult children and a grandpup named Murphy. He’s the absolute sweetest thing!

My kidlit writing is represented by Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency, and I couldn’t be happier about that! 🙂


I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email sometime:

reader. writer. painter. ruminator.

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  1. Amber-Rose Williams Avatar
    Amber-Rose Williams

    After a long day at work sitting in front of a computer screen, I find it so difficult to do the same at home. I miss coffee shops to work in. This is so important to remember. Just take a word at a time! Excited to watch your journey!

    Side note:
    I, too, thought that all Stephen King’s work was scary. I learned not all his work is scary, I started with Different Seasons; four short stories all very good! Including Rita Wilson and Shawshank Redemption, and The Body (also known as Stand by Me).


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amber-Rose. I look forward to sitting in one of those coffee shops with you one day — maybe to work side-by-side, or maybe just to hang out and discuss a not-scary Stephen King book! 🙂


  2. I love this Claudia! Looking forward to following along!
    I joined a writers group this past year and am loving it! Learning a lot.
    I’ve started writing a book of short stories. Yikes!


    1. That’s amazing Melissa! I’m so happy to hear that! It’s awesome being part of a writer’s group – lots of encouragement and camaraderie. Not to mention the helpful tips. Thanks for following along! I appreciate it!


    2. Oh! And congrats on starting a book!! That’s amazing! Can’t wait to follow YOUR progress!


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