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I’ve been a dabbler most of my life when it comes to painting. As an adult, I first focused on oils (which I loooove) but am now pretty committed to alcohol inks and watercolours.

alcohol ink backstory:

During the start of the pandemic I took up resin — I made mostly jewelry and free form bowls. I discovered alcohol inks as a way to colour the resin, and absolutely adored the way they shifted and moved in the resin all on their own, creating vibrant and gorgeous designs. Then one day, I stumbled onto an online video that told me I could PAINT with them! And when I tried, I discovered they basically do their own thing on paper just like in resin! The blends and textures and fades you can get with them are wild. I’ve been a gonner from the very first time I tried them.

watercolour backstory:

There isn’t one, really, except for the fact that they’ve always intimidated me. And I think that’s mostly because the only watercolours I’d known were the ones in those small, hard cakes. My skill with those remained as confined as the containers they came in. Maybe it was a mental thing, but I found practicing gradients and blends torturous and unachievable. So, I basically wrote them off forever and ever amen. But, once I discovered that watercolours also came in tubes (d’uh), my life was changed! Those delicious, glistening pigments opened up a whole world of possibilities for me. I mean, how fun is it to spray water on a line of pigment and watch it transform, virtually on its own, into something beautiful and non-recreatable? (don’t think that’s a word, but you get the point, right?)

As I’m writing this I see a definite theme here — I really dig paints that paint themselves! I mean, sure, there are techniques to learn, but both these watercolours and alcohol inks do have a mind of their own. Which I find very liberating — and comforting, actually, as I feel more like a co-creator than a sole creator. Besides, going with the flow is kinda my jam.

Here are a few samples of my alcohol ink, watercolour, and mixed media paintings. You can also see more on Instagram at the link below.

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