SMUDGE’S MARK — middle grade fantasy

Smudge's Mark by Claudia Osmond
Simply Read Books 2009

Unable to remember anything from his past, Simon is haunted by a dream of an eagle, a serpent, and an angel that smells like bubblegum. Then one night, his dreams change. The angel gives him a special object that’s still with him when he wakes up — an object desired by many but destined only for him, that will change his life forever.


SMUDGE’S MARK was chosen as tween magazine, The Magazine’s Book of the Month for November 2009, and was named as a January Magazine Best Children’s Book for 2009. SMUDGE’S MARK was also honoured as a Best New Book for Young People, 2009, by the Association for Canadian Publishers, and was featured in the fall 2009 issue of the Quill and Quire.

“Claudia Osmond has created one of the most relatable and likeable characters to ever come out of young adults’ fantasy literature. Simon (a.k.a. Smudge) is funny, fallible, curious, sometimes awkward, but always genuine. By virtue of its vivid prose, breath-stopping cliffhangers, unique characterization and an action-packed plot that is more unpredictable than an angry dragon, Smudge’s Mark is undoubtedly a book that ought to grace every young person’s bookshelf.”                                                                    – Meisner, deGroot and Associates, Toronto