Introducing Toronto Tuesdays

We could all use a bit of a lift these days, am I right? Even this natural-born melancholic is craving some good news, some levity, some magic. (okay … I always crave magic)

So, let me help add some bright spots to your days. Toronto Tuesdays is a new series of interview-style blog posts I’m hosting where we’ll hear from Toronto area creators of many kinds; from visual artists to hip-hop artists to dramatic artists to, yes, of course, kidlit artists. They’ll be answering questions about inspiration, the importance of the work they do, how they deal with creative slumps, who they are beyond their art, and a few others. And the current line-up is pretty exciting!

One of the greatest joys in my life comes from being creative. And close on the heels of that is connecting with other creatives. There’s just something super special about being invited in to catch a glimpse of someone else’s creative journey; it forms a link between us and them through something that’s quite intangible; quite … magical. Creating is a wonderful, but often solitary endeavour, so to find moments of intellectual and emotional connection on matters of creativity is a treasure. It’s sustaining. It’s life-giving.

I can’t wait to introduce you to some of Toronto’s most lovely creators. I just know you’ll be as inspired by these fabulous people as I am. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative, the insights and wisdom and tips these people have to offer reach beyond the creative life and are transferable in so many ways. So I hope you’ll follow along. Feel free to subscribe on the home page so you don’t miss anything! The first official post will be up next Tuesday, May 17th 

In the meanwhile, take care, my friends. Enjoy the sun, breathe fresh air, and take pleasure in the simple things.

Claudia xo

One response to “Introducing Toronto Tuesdays”

  1. We all need inspiration and magic these days–thanks for providing some! Look forward to the series!


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